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Parsing Reddit – PRAW to the rescue

If you happen to be one of millions of users afflicted with Reddit addiction who has managed to shake off their finger-cramping, eye-twitching obsession for long enough allow your pupils to re-adjust to the three-dimensional world, you may have realized Reddit’s potential as a multi-faceted resource. Reddit is a website where users post content that […]

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ICWSM data sharing goes live!

This past year, I’ve had the privilege of serving as Data Co-Chair for the ICWSM conference – a top venue for the publication of research into social media. I’m excited to announce that this year we’ve launched the ICWSM Data Sharing initiative. Starting this year and moving forward, authors of papers published at ICWSM are […]

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Conducting network analysis without a cluster

For all the wonderful things we hear about how compute clusters enable the analysis of massive datasets, the sad truth is that few researchers can use them to analyze large network datasets. This is due both practical and theoretical issues. From a practical perspective, clusters are expensive, their administration requires non-trivial time and technical knowledge, […]

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Tweets pay tribute to the New iPad

Excited about the New iPad? We are too – and we’re not alone. The Apple announcement generated a lot of buzz on Twitter. Here’s our take on what everybody was talking about: The New iPad in Tweets. To our surprise, of all the New iPad’s features, 4G LTE took the prize as the most popular […]

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Workshop teaches street fighting with Python

This past Thursday Mathieu Perreault and Derek held a Python workshop entitled Street Fighting with Python. The workshop material demonstrated how in situations where you have few other resources at hand (such as in a street fight), Python is a versatile and powerful tool. Mathieu and Derek showcased a number of libraries that ship with […]

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